Sunday, February 8, 2015


Didn’t you LOVE that blog yesterday by Carolyn Kisloski? She is so talented and she’s also generous. How do I follow something like that? I give up, so I’ll just tell you about Umbrella Day. 
Did you know that February 10th is Umbrella Day? Who thinks of those things? Here’s a simple idea that might entice some of your students to read Tuesday or on another rainy day. Place a large golf umbrella in a corner of the classroom. Put some popular books under the umbrella and explain that two children at a time can get under the umbrella and read together.

Other names for umbrellas include parasol and brolly (British).

What are some different types of umbrellas? (paper cocktail umbrellas, patio umbrellas)
What are some different uses for umbrellas? (shade on a sunny day, cane, carry things, protection)

Write 4 facts about umbrellas.
Write how you would feel if you were an umbrella.

Let children use the scrap box to design their own umbrellas.

Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day
Wednesday is Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day. Discuss what that statement means. Can they give examples?

*Read IT LOOKED LIKE SPILT MILK by Charles Shaw. 

*Fold blue construction paper in half. Have children put a spoonful of white paint in the middle, fold, and then rub. Open. Dry.
What does their spilt milk look like? Have them write a story about it.

I think my picture looks like two angels dancing...or maybe cherubs kissing!