Monday, February 16, 2015


I'm telling you, YOU keep me going! I'm so excited to share the new ideas from teachers last week in VA, NC, and MN.

Build a Snowman (Peg Caines, Greensboro, NC)
This is the cutest thing ever!!! And what a perfect way to encourage children to cooperate, collaborate, and problem solve! Peg said she gave each group a snowman kit with a construction paper hat, nose, buttons, and mittens. There was also a crepe paper scarf, a roll of masking tape, and a roll of toilet paper. (It took them awhile to figure out what to do with the toilet paper.)
*I think this would be fun for adults to do!

Turtle Time (Sarah Stanko, Shakopee, MN)
When the kids are being crazy say “turtle time.” The kids drop down on the floor and pretend they are turtles in their shells. Since turtles can’t talk, it’s a great way to get the kids to listen.

Wait Time (Lee Aldridge)
Paint table tops with chalk paint and place chalk at each table so the children can write or draw as they wait.

Letter Bus (Caroline Turner)
Use a toy bus with a letter on it and let the children pass it around as you sing this song to “The Wheels on the Bus.”
The (letter) on the bus goes (make sound)
The (letter) on the bus goes (make sound)
All around the room.

Seed Book (Gisela Tetterton)
Use an empty seed packet to make a little book. Children can write what the seeds need to grow in their book. 
Hallway Hug (Jessica Quisenberry) 
When you are in the hall or if a teacher comes in the room (music, gym, etc.) have the children give that person a finger hug. Cross their index finger and middle finger like they are hugging and hold it up to that person. 
Help with Answers (Lori Ryan)
If a child doesn’t know the answer to a question they may say “echo” and ask a friend. Then they “echo” the answer. (If they don’t know say, “Pretend you do.”)