Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Have your kiddles got the sneezes?  Here are a few ideas to remind children to cover their noses!

Put some baby powder in your hand and then pretend to sneeze on it. As the powder flies around make the connection to what happens when they don’t cover their sneezes.

The Sneeze Song
(Tune: “Pop Goes the Weasel”)
When I have to cough or sneeze
This is what I do. (Point finger.)
I hold my elbow to my mouth (Hold up elbow in front of face.)
And into it kerchoo! (Pretend to sneeze in elbow.)
KKEERRCCHHOO! (Say this line as you dramatically pretend
                               to sneeze in your elbow.)

Tissue Rhyme
When I have to go kerchoo,
Do you know what I always do? (Point finger.)
My tissue covers my mouth and nose (Open palms like a tissue.)
Then into my tissue my kerchoo goes.
KKEERRCCHHOO! (Pretend to sneeze in tissue.)

Give children a paper plate and ask them to make it look like their face. Remind them to look in a mirror to check out their eye color. When they’ve finished let them glue a tissue to their nose. Then they can trace around their hand and cut it out to glue on top.
Hint! This makes a cute bulletin board.