Saturday, June 16, 2018


Self-regulation is a key ingredient in SEL. These chants will help "center" children and remind them that they are the "boss" of themselves.

Brain Hug
Children repeat each line after the teacher demonstrates.

Thumbs up. (Extend arms and stick up thumbs.)

Thumbs down. (Thumbs down.)

Cross your arms. (Cross right fist over left.)

Clasp your fingers. (Clasp fingers.)

Give yourself a brain hug. (Bring clasped fingers down and up as you hug your chest.)

Criss Cross
Children say this with the teacher as they do the movements.

Criss Cross (Demonstrate how to cross legs and sit quietly.)

Be your own boss!! (Cross arms over chest.)

Secret Hands (Melinda Ainslie)
Several years ago at a workshop Melinda shared this idea.  She said that when her daughter started kindergarten she came home from school and asked, “Mama, can you keep a secret? When you put your hands together like this (cross your fingers), it’s MAGIC because you can see better and hear better!”

Lotty Dotty (Pre-Writing Center)