Sunday, June 17, 2018


A "sitter spot" and "brain toys" are tangible tools to help children self-regulate.

Sitter Spot
Cut 8” circles out of fun foam or felt and write the children’s names on them. Arrange for circle time to give children a special place to sit.  Arrange spots to disperse problems and encourage social interactions.
*Children can also use these for their “special spot” for doing quiet activities like independent reading.

Brain Toys
Fill a shoebox or basket with stress balls or knotted socks. Suggest children get a "brain toy" when they can’t keep their hands to themselves.  You'll be surprised how a knotted sock can keep little hands still and help them focus.


Stress Button
Glue the hook side of Velcro to a poker chip to make a “stress button.”

Wrap a 20” piece of string around a jumbo craft sticks. Children keep these in their desk and get them out when their hands need to fiddle.

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