Friday, June 22, 2018


Here are some more activities children can do with a partner.

Partner Projects Part B

Guess who I am? Children dramatize or pantomime favorite books, rhymes, animals, etc. while their partner tries to guess.

Make shapes and letters with their fingers or bodies.

Do puzzles together.

Check each other’s work.

Edit each other’s writing.

Work on vocabulary. One child calls out a word while the other child gives the definition.

Practice spelling words. One friend calls out a word for partner to spell.

Play “Mirror.” One child is the leader and the other child is the “mirror” and must mimic what the leader does. Switch roles after a minute.

Do a graphic organizer (Venn diagram, web, T-chart, time line, etc.).

Write on each other’s backs.

Do exercises together.

Patty Cake– When children patty cake with a partner they are practicing self-regulation, eye-hand coordination, body spatial awareness, crossing the midline, and a myriad of other skills. In addition to traditional hand clap games and rhymes children can:
     *Say nursery rhymes as they patty cake.

     *Say the ABC’s.

     *Count by one’s, five’s, ten’s, etc.

     *Practice spelling words and word wall words. (Clap your hands as you say the word.     Cross and tap as you say each letter. High five in the air as you repeat the word.)

Magic Mirror (Science)