Saturday, June 9, 2018


Invite children to brainstorm words that describe good friends. Write these words on index cards and place them in a bag. (You will need a word for each child so you might have to make duplicates of words.)  One at a time children come up and choose a word.  Sing the word to the tune of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

We Really Like You

We like you because you’re wonderful.

We like you because you’re wonderful.

We like you because you’re wonderful.

We really like you!


Hint! Pin or tape words to children so they can strive for that adjective. If they are not behaving appropriately ask, "Are you doing what your word says? Do I need to take it away from you?" They will want to keep their word for sure!

Pass It On
Pass out a sheet of paper to each child and ask them to write their name at the top.  Collect the papers and randomly pass one out to each child.  Tell them to write one positive comment about the person whose name is on the paper.  Continue passing the papers around the room as the children write something special about each classmate.  (When children get their own papers, tell them to write something they like about themselves.)  Collect the papers, put them in individual envelopes with their name, and save them for the end of the week.  Reflect on how they felt when they read what their friends said about them.

How about setting up a veterinarian's office in the dramatic play center?