Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Here's the video of the Facebook Live I did yesterday on social emotional learning:

And, you can also listen to a podcast I did on using music with young children.  I'm not a musician and I don't think I did a very good job speaking off the cuff, but the message is clear...SING AND HAVE FUN WITH CHILDREN EVERY DAY!

Place a hand mirror in the bottom of a shoebox and put the lid on top. Explain that the most wonderful thing in the whole world is in the box. “It’s so special there’s only one like it in the world!” Watch children’s smiles as they open the box and see their faces! End by singing this song.


I Am Special  (Tune:  "Frere Jacques" - Children repeat each line.)
I am special. I am special.
Take a look. You will see.
Someone very special. Someone very special.
And it’s me! And it’s me!

*Do a language experience activity where each child completes this sentence:

I am special because ____________.

Special Me  (Tune:  "Twinkle Little Star")
Special, special, special me    (Point to self.)
I'm as special as can be.          (Open and close fingers.)
There is no one quite like me.  (Shake head.)
I'm as good as I can be.
Special, special, special me,  (Point to self.)
I'm as I can be.                      (Hug self.)

I CAN DO SOMETHING SPECIAL DAY! Plan a special day where each child is invited to sing, dance, tell a joke, make something, share a hobby, etc. Emphasize that there are many ways to be wonderful!!

Card Center
A card center will encourage children to think about how they can help other people feel special.  Ask if they've ever received a card in the mail.  "How did it make you feel?  You can make someone feel special, too, by making them a card." 

You'll need paper (white and construction), pencils, pens, markers, crayons, stickers, etc.  Teach children how to fold a sheet of paper in fourths to make a simple card. Brainstorm some of the different reasons you could make a card for someone.  Write words they might want to use like:  happy, birthday, get, well, good luck, love, you, I, and so forth on a file folder.  Put all the materials in a tub in the writing center. 

Q-tip painting is one of the easy ideas for your art center.