Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Positive self-talk is a simple strategy to remind children that they are important and capable. Have children start the day by repeating each line of this chant after you.


You’re the Best!

Teacher says: Thumbs up. (Stick out thumbs.)

Children repeat: Thumbs up.

Teacher says: Across the chest. (Bring across to the opposite shoulder.)

Children Repeat: Across the chest.

Teacher says: Pat on the back. (Pat self on the back.)

Children repeat: Pat on the back.

Teacher says: Cause you’re the best! (Wrap arms around self and hug.)

Children repeat: Cause you're the best!

Hint! You can easily change the words to this chant to "I'm the best!" or "We are the best!"

I Am Statements
“I am” statements are another way to encourage positive behavior. (These can be based on your school’s goals or let the children suggest statements.) Write these on a language experience chart and then begin the day by sticking up your thumbs and repeating them.

     I am respectful.

     I am trustworthy.
     I am responsible.
     I am fair.
     I am caring.
     I use good manners.
     I use kind words.

     I can do it!

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