Friday, June 8, 2018


Choose one child each day to be the "special" friend. Hold their hands as you rock back and forth and sing.

Important Person (Tune: “Did You Ever See a Lassie.”)

(Child’s name) is important, important, important.
(Child’s name) is important to you and to me.
At work and at play,
(She/he) does (her/his) best each day.
(Child’s name) is important to you and to me.


Compliment Circle
Have a “compliment circle” where children take turns saying something kind to the "important person." The "important person" must respond with, “Thank you!”

Me Box
Spray paint a shoe box gold or silver.  Write "ME" on the front with glue and sprinkle with glitter.  Write a note similar to the one below and tape it to the inside lid of the box.  Choose one child each day to take home the box.  Let them share their treasures with classmates the following day.

     Dear Parents,
     Your child is bringing home the "ME" box today.  Please help him/her find 
     special objects, photographs, or souvenirs to put in the box.  Your child will 
     have the opportunity to share these things with classmates tomorrow, and 
     then we will return them to you.
     Thanks for helping us "celebrate" your child!

*You could also use a gift bag for this activity.

Have children repeat each line of this poem and make the motions.  

     I’ve got ten little fingers, (Hold up both hands.)
     And ten little toes, (Point to feet.)
     Two little eyes, (Point to eyes.)
     And a mouth and a nose. (Point mouth and then nose.)
     Put them all together, (Circle arms as if hugging.)
     And what have you got? (Hands on hips.)
     You’ve got me, baby, (Put thumbs in chest.)
     And that’s a lot! (Wiggle hips.)

Hint!  Send home the words so they can do it for their parents!

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