Tuesday, June 5, 2018


How you start your morning can create positive feelings that will last all day long.  
"Morning Stretch" will encourage MINDFULNESS (self awareness) by having children stretch, breath and focus. 

Morning Stretch



If you've never done yoga before, it might me an interesting strategy to explore in the upcoming school year.  As long as you keep trying new things you won't be bored, and neither will your students!

Yoga Letters
There are several videos where yoga poses are related to the alphabet  Here's a poster that you can download free.

Number Yoga (Michelle Drees, Danbury, IA)
Have children hold yoga positions as you practice counting.
(Scholastic has a cool alphabet book of yoga poses!)

Monument Yoga
Linda Smith shared this idea for Monument Yoga:
Washington Monument – Feet together and arms up and with pointed fingers.
Statue of Liberty – One arm up holding the torch and the other arm holding a book with feet apart.
Honest Abe – Sitting position with arms out as if on a chair.
Mount Rushmore – Legs apart with chin under fist and switch sides.
The Arch – Arms in an arc twice overhead.
Liberty Bell – Arms down swinging side to side as you say, “Bong, bong, bong, crack!”

Active Learning 
Wouldn't it be interesting to let your students create their own yoga poses for vocabulary, science themes, etc.

Super Hero Yoga
Your students will love doing this Superhero Yoga that Charley Schillinger does with her students.
Superman – Do a plank.
Wonder Woman – Sit in an invisible chair.
Spiderman – Feet together and squat.
Batman – Arms out and one leg up.
Captain America - Squat with legs apart and stretch arms over head and behind as if extending a shield.
Flash Lunges - One foot in front and lean forward and touch the floor.
Black Widow - Take turns stretching out your arms.
Iron Man Pose - Stand straight and look up towards the sky.

Here's here blog so you can learn more about it:



Use center signs to help parents and administrators understand the value of learning through PLAY.

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