Thursday, June 7, 2018


Here are two other ways to put improve self-awareness as you begin each day.

Morning Mantra

Teacher says: Boys and girls, what is my job today?

Children respond: Your job is to teach us and to love us.

Teacher says: Boys and girls, what is your job today?

Children respond: Our job is to learn and to love each other.

What Are You?
(Adapted from “The Help.”)

Teacher asks: What are you?

Children respond: I am kind. (Touch the heart.)

I am smart. (Touch the head.)

I am important. (Give self a hug.)


Hint!  Make posters of these and hang in a prominent place in the classroom.

Class Rock
This catchy beat will help children learn each other's names and inspire positive feelings.


Have children stand in a circle and begin this pattern: stomp, stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap.  Chant each child's name to the beat as you go around the circle.

     We think child’s name is super. Super!

     We think child’s name is super. Super!

*Pass a hand mirror around the classroom and ask each child to say one thing they like about themselves.

*Let children draw pictures to contribute to a class book called “The Best Thing about Me!” or "We Are Special!"


Icebergs are just one of the ideas you'll find for a sensory motor center.