Thursday, August 22, 2013


Sixteen years ago our daughter Holly and her husband Peter rescued a little puppy off the streets in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.  They named her Attila, got her a passport, and brought her back to the States.  (Things were much simpler before 9/11.)  Attila was an apt name for this dog because she was always a little nuts.  Cute as a bug, but a little crazy.  Anyway, they had to put her to sleep yesterday morning and it broke their hearts because she was their first baby.  Many of you can identify with their emotions.  They had a little family memorial dinner last night and then looked at pictures they had taken of Attila through the years.  I wanted to share what my daughter wrote:
            It's a sad night here, but Attila was really suffering.
            Now she can be her beautiful puppy self forever in our hearts—
I’ve got to send K.J. and Kalina the book DOG HEAVEN by Cynthia Rylant .  If you’ve never read it, I highly recommend it because it paints a beautiful and comforting picture for children who lose a pet.