Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Next comes polite letter p
As pretty and proud as you please.
A long line that drops
Down below, and then pop
A circle beside it—whopee!

Small q is quiet and quick.
It’s like p, but with a trick.
It’s the other way ‘round
And the line that goes down
Ends with a quaint, quirky kick.

Now we’ve reached rock’ n’ roll r
And everyone can be a star!
Make a short line, then look—
At the top a small hook,
And your rip, roaring r will go far!

Small s is swirley and steep.
Arch up to the middle and sweep
Down to the end
With another round bend
For swinging and singing so sweet!

Next we’ll try t: don’t delay!
Start high up but not all the way.
Then down you drop,
Put a small line across,
For terrific, tip-top days!

Letter Puzzles – Write upper and lowercase letters on opposite sides of a paper plate.  Cut puzzle designs between the letters.  Children will know if they’ve matched upper and lowercase letters correctly because there will be a perfect fit.

Letter Collage - Give children old magazines, catalogs, and newspapers.  Have them cut out letters and glue them on a sheet of construction paper.  Can they name the letters that they cut out? 
*Can they cut out all the letters in their name? 
*Can they find all the letters from A-Z?

Stencils – Give children letter stencils to trace around on construction paper.  Children can cut out the letters after they’ve traced around them. 
Hint!  They can also make a letter necklace by punching holes in the letters they’ve cut out and stringing them on yarn.

Letter Pasta – Purchase pasta/macaroni in the shape of alphabet letters.  Separate the pasta into four plastic bags.  Add a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and a large squirt of food coloring to each bag.  Shake.  Dry on wax paper.  Mix the colors together to get a rainbow of letters.  Children can “find” letters with a magnifying glass.  Or, give them tweezers to pick out letters they know.

Bobbing Letters – Write letters on ping pong balls with a permanent marker.  Place in a water table or tub and let children scoop them out with a fish net.

Hidden Letters – Hide magnetic letters in a sand table or in a sandbox.  Can children name the letters that they find?  Can they make the sound of the letter?