Thursday, August 29, 2013


I can’t think of a good reason why everyone who teaches young children shouldn’t
have these number vests in their classroom.  You can write them yourself or download them free at  (Better yet, ask a parent to download them for you!)  Put them in clear sheet protectors, punch holes at the top, tie on string, and you’ve got a math tool to use all year long!
Hint!  You’ll have to make your own =, +, -, and < and > signs.

Counting - Have children get in numerical order according to the number they are wearing.

Songs - Wear number vests as you sing “Five Little Monkeys,” “I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a One,” and other songs.

Writing – Children can trace over the numerals with a dry erase marker and then erase.  They could also drive over the numerals with a little car or roll play dough and put it on top of the numerals.

Number Words – Write number words on the back of the vests.  Use them interchangeably in rhymes and counting.

Inequalities  - Put up two numbers and have children choose “<” or “>” to go between them. 

Addition and Subtraction - Have children make number sentences using the numbers and signs on the vests.

Fact Families – Move numbers around to demonstrate different fact families.

Word Problems – Use number vests to engage children in solving word problems.

Dot to Dot -  Make a giant pencil by covering a paper towel roll with yellow paper.  Wrap orange paper around the bottom for the “eraser” and insert a black cone in the other end for the “point.”  Pass out numbers and have children scatter around the room.  One child takes the pencil and goes from “0” to “10” by “connecting the dots.”