Sunday, August 18, 2013


Small f hooks right up at the top
Then down to the bottom it drops.
A small line cross the middle,
And fit as a fiddle,
Your f will not fidget or flop!

With g you can gallop and go
And the grass in your garden will grow.
First a circle on the ground,
Then a line stretches down
Just like a fishhook below.

Making h isn’t horribly hard.
Make a tall line straight down for the start.
Then next to it bumps
The hip of a hump
And you’ll hop with a happy heart!

Small i is so sweet to make,
Like ice cream or icing a cake.
Make a short line then stop,
Put a dot on the top,
And into the oven to bake!

Small j likes to joke, jive, and jog
And jump around just like a frog.
With a line that drops down
And hooks underground
Then a dot on its top—perfect job!

Here are some other strategies for writing the letter limericks.
Flashlight – Turn off the lights and make letters on the wall or ceiling with a flashlight.

Palm Writing  - Have children write letters on their “palm pilot.”  Hold up one palm and trace letters with the index finger from the other hand.

Pass the Letter – Have children sit on the floor in a circle facing each other’s backs.  The teacher traces a letter on the first child’s back as he says the rhyme.  That child traces the letter on the next child’s back.  Children continue to “pass” the letter around the circle as they write it on each other’s backs.

Partner Writing  - Let children write letters on each other’s backs.  Can they guess the letters their friends write?