Monday, August 19, 2013


Small k starts with a tall, straight spine
Then out kick two smaller slant lines.
One kicks up, one kicks down
For the k-k-k sound
That starts kites, kids, and kisses so kind.

Small l is a likeable letter
Lean and light as a feather.
A single tall line
So straight and fine—
For laughter and love there’s none better!

Small m is magnificently wide
A short line then two humps side by side
For monkeys and marbles,
Magic and marvels,
And motorcycles, let’s take a ride!

Small n is one half of m.
Make a short straight line and then
A single small hump
To give it a bump
For a nice, neat, and nifty small n.

Small o is a round cheerio
Rolled on the ground down low.
Keep your pencil pressed down
And take it around
For octopus and ostrich, you know.

Senses are like pathways to the brain.  The more senses you activate, the more likely the message will get to the brain.  Here are some kinesthetic ideas for hands-on learning.

Rainbow Writing - Make “rainbow letters” by tracing around letters with different colors of crayons.
Hint!  Make giant rainbow letters using bulletin board paper on the wall.  Invite all the children in the class to contribute to the rainbow letter.

Scratch and Sniff - Write letters with glue, then sprinkle with Jell-o or powdered drink mix.  Dry, scratch, and sniff!
Hint!  Obviously, they can’t share these so each child will need his/her own!

Lotty Dotty - Use a marker to make dotted letters.  Put a drop of glue on top of each dot.  Children trace over the dots of glue with their finger as they make the sound. 

Rub Overs  - Write letters with water soluble makers. Trace over the letters with white glue.  The marker will be absorbed into the glue to create a raised letter.  Children place a sheet of paper on top and rub with the side of a crayon.  Taa daa!
*You can also make invisible letters by just using glue.  Children rub over the letter to discover what it is.
Hint!  You may need to tape these to a table or use with a clip board to keep them in place.

Magic Paint Brush – Give children a clean paint brush and a cup of water.  Children make letters on a chalkboard and then watch them disappear!
Hint!  Place a small piece of sponge in a spring clothespin and use as a paintbrush.

Mystery Letter  - Write letters with a white crayon.  Children take a large paint brush and diluted paint and “wash” over the entire page to make the letter appear.