Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Small u is like n upside down.
Curve down and then back up around.
Add a line on the right,
Straight, short and tight
For upside and underground.

Small v is very victorious
And making v isn’t laborious:
Two short lines slant out
From the bottom they spout
Like two arms raised to say: I am glorious!

Small w is two v’s together
For why, what, where, and whether
Slant down, up, and then
Slant down, up again
And you’ve written a wonderful letter!

Small x makes your xylophone play
And it expertly makes an x-ray.
Two lines that are little
Cross right at the middle.
You can exit and go on your way!

We’re nearing the end with small y:
For yes, yarn, and years that fly by
A short line slants down,
Another slants underground,
And they meet at a point to say hi.

Small z is for zany and zounds;
It’s short and sits right on the ground.
Straight out, slant down, then
Go straight out again
And you’ll zigzag, and zip all around!

Years ago someone told me if you want children to remember something they need to sing it or eat it.  Are you hungry for some letters?
Pretzel ABC’s  - Give children pretzel sticks and pretzel twists.  Have them nibble the pretzels to make letters.

Squirt and Eat  - Use squirt cheese to make letters on crackers.  Lick the letters with your tongue. 

Alphabet Cereal, Crackers, and Pretzels  - Letter shaped snack foods can be used for identifying letters, making words, or eating!

Letter Snacks – Assign each child a letter and a day to bring a snack for the class.  Ask parents to send in a fruit, vegetable, or healthy food that begins with their letter.  Take photographs and use them to make a class alphabet book.

*Note!  I know some schools have banned food in the classroom, so you might send these activities home in a newsletter for parents to do with their child.