Saturday, August 10, 2013


Here are suggestions for books you can make for your classroom this coming school year.  They are a meaningful way to help children make print connections and develop informative reading and writing skills.  Spiral notebooks and composition books are on sale now, so grab a handful and try these ideas.

New Shoes
Invite children to write a story or draw a picture in this book when they get a new pair of shoes!

The Tooth Book
Have children draw a picture of what they look like after they lose a tooth. 
Remind them to be sure and draw a “window” in their mouth where their tooth used to be!
*You could also take a photo of their new smile and let them write about how they lost their tooth.

Weather Report
Choose a different child each day to be the meteorologist.  Invite the weather person to record the weather with a drawing or sentence.

The Birthday Book
Have children write a story and draw a picture on a special page in this book when it’s their birthday.   (You could also take a photo of them.)

School Rule Book
After discussing school rules, ask each child to come up with a rule that they think is important.  Have them illustrate their rule and write or dictate a sentence to go with it.  Put their rules together to make a class book.  Hang the book in an important spot in your classroom and refer to it when children are behaving inappropriately.  You might add, “You need to do (such and such).  The rule is right here in our book!”

Things the Teacher Needs to Know
When a child comes to you to complain or tattle, hand them the book and say, “Write it all down and don’t leave out a thing.  I’ll read it later on when
I have more time.”

The Boo Boo Book
If a child gets a little scrape or scratch, have them draw a picture of it in this book.  Give them a band aid to put on their “boo boo” so it will feel better.

Acts of Kindness
Create a book where children can record kind deeds their fellow classmates have done. 
Hint!  The teacher can model this by “catching children” in the act of doing something thoughtful and loving for others.

Kiss Your Brain!
When children learn to do something or answer questions creatively, encourage them to sign their name and write about it in this book.

Big News
Record exciting events in children’s lives (like becoming a big brother or sister) with this class book.

Excuse Book
If children forget their homework or have other excuses, let them “write it down” in this book.

Peace Talks
If two children have an argument, have them sit down next to each other at a table.  Open a spiral notebook and ask each of them to draw a picture and write about what happened.  Explain that when they resolve their problem they can let you know.  It won’t take long for them to realize it’s easier to be friends!