Saturday, August 3, 2013


How about implementing one of these strategies as you big books, words to songs, charts, and poems?

Shadow Reading – Teacher reads a line and then students repeat. 
Choral Reading – Children read together.
Make a Turn  - Divide children into groups and each section reads a different line.  (Let 
boys and girls alternate reading lines.)
Magic Word – Choose a “magic word” (high frequency word) in the text.  Every time you come to that word, the children get to clap, jump up, snap, etc.
Say What?   Read the wrong way and have children correct you by shouting out, “Say what?”
Missing Word – Omit a word and have the children fill it in.

Here are some other simple things you can do to create interest:
Sit Like a Boss – Children cross arms, lean back, and put feet up on their desk.
Backwards – Turn chairs around and face the back of the room.
Change seats – Children exchange seats with a classmate.
Tummy Time – Lay on the floor and read, write, and work.
Beach Chairs - Turn chairs over, sit on the floor, lean back, and read.  (Backpacks make a good pillow.)
Lighting – Turn off the lights or use floor lamps.