Sunday, August 4, 2013

O- O - O - O - OMAHA!

Oh, my!  Did I love those teachers in Omaha last week at Summer Camp!  And you're going to love these great ideas they shared!!!

Quotes  (Nancy Rutherford)
Post important quotes around your classroom (mostly for adults!)  Here’s a favorite by Langston Hughes:
            To Make Words Sing
            Is a wonderful thing –
            Because in a song
            Words last so long.

Voice Plus  (Wilma Kaps)
This is sooooo coool you will want to download it and try it today!
This is a free app that will encourage oral language and can also be used for repeated readings.  Record the children’s voice, and then let them choose the sound they would like to hear.  They can choose mouse, robot, alien, jingle bell…endless possibilities.
*This might also be good to encourage students to sing!

Happy Note  (Torey Dudley)
“Catch you being great!” 
Give peel off stickers that say, “I had a great day!”  This works well to encourage children to sing.  “Wow!  You had great expression when we sang that song.  You get a happy note to take home.”

You won’t believe all these fantastic ideas from Marsha Edwards!!!

Birthday Song  (Marsha Edwards)
(Tune:  “Old MacDonald”)
(Child’s name) has a birthday (Clap.)
Hip, hip, hip hooray.  (Clap and then put arms up.)
And on his/her cake  (Hand with palm up)
She/he has ___ candles (Hold up number of fingers for age.)
What a happy day!  (Wave arms.)
With a /wh/ /wh/ here  (Pretend to blow.}
And a /wh/ /wh/ there.
Here a /wh/
There a /wh/
Everywhere a /wh/ /wh/.
(Child’s name) has a birthday.  (Clap.)
Hip, hip, hip hooray!  (Clap and then put arms up.)

Bunny Hop Spelling (Marsha Edwards)
Bunny hop to spell CVC words.  Put feet out as you say the letters, and then hop forwards as you say the word.

Pass the Mike Recall  (Marsha Edwards)
Sit in a circle with a plastic microphone and say:
Pass the mike.
Pass the mike.
What do you have to say?
Pass the mike.
Pass the mike.
Tell what you liked today.
(Do two children at a time.)

Walking in the Hall  (Marsha Edwards)
Here we go just a walking in the hall,
Singing “doo wah ditty ditty dum ditty doo.”
Hands by our sides and we’re standing nice and tall.
Singing “doo wah ditty ditty dum ditty doo.”
We look good.  (Children repeat.)
We look fine.  (Children repeat.)
We look good, we look fine,
Standing quietly in our line.
Sssshhhh!  (Finger over lip.)

Licke ‘em (Pretend to lick hands.)
And stick ‘em.  (Slap to sides.)

1, 2  (Students repeat each line.)
3, 4 
We’re not talking.
5, 6
7, 8
Standing quietly  (or lining up or sitting down, etc.)
Would be great.
9, 10
Let’s begin!

Clean Up Song  (Marsha Edwards)
Tune:  Frere Jacques
Are you helping?  (Students echo each line.)
Picking up toys.  (or whatever)
We can all be helpers.
Girls and boys.

3-D Shapes  (Marsha Edwards)
Cone – ice cream cone
Sphere – scoop of ice cream
Cylinder – sprinkles on top
Cube – caramel on top

Mr. Bear (Amy O’Connor)
You will need a large stuffed bear, carry bag, journal, clothes, and accessories.  One student is chose each day to take home Mr Bear and record what they did together at home.  They can have a parent help them record it if they are non-writers.
*Often children will take photos of themselves with Mr. Bear or add clothing and accessories for him. 
*When a journal is full, add it to the class library.

Music Mingle  (Janene Harris)
This game is played like musical chairs.  Play some music and when the music stops do handshakes or cheers.
*Math Mingle – When the music stops they have to get in groups of 2, 4, etc.  If you’re not in a group you have to sit down.
*Sets – Get in a group of 2 people with long hair, 3 people with brown eyes, etc.

Love Puppets (Janene Harris)
Buy stuffed animals at garage sales and unstuff them for a quick puppet.
*Cut their mouths open to make gobble puppets.  You have to feed them things that are a particular color, start with a certain sound, etc.
*Make a “word bird” puppet to read the word wall words.