Sunday, August 11, 2013


Oh, my goodness!  Did I LOVE those teachers in Canada!!!  What an awesome two days!  Hope you’ll enjoy reading ideas from our “show and share” over the next few days!

Kinderoos, Kindies, and Chikcadees
Aren’t these cute names for our little ones?

Magic Carpet Ride  (Navtej Mand)
Pretend to go on a magic carpet ride.  Let the children choose the destination and then share things that they see/hear/eat, etc. in that place.  Then get back on the magic carpet and fly to another place.

Comalya  (Roberta Bondar, Kathy and Sandra)
Have a weekly “Comalya” when all the kindergarten students and teachers get together to sing. 
*Comalya means “Come all ye!”

Sock Puppets (Shannon Nelson)
This is a free app where children can record voices with a partner.  Their voices change as the sock puppets speak to each other.
Songify is another app where children can say something and it repeats the poem or nursery rhyme as a rap or song.
Rhyme Bag  (Hieke Klapwyk)
Send home a brown “rhyme” bag with each student on Friday.  They fill the bag with two items that rhyme.  At show and tell time, each student removes one item from their bag.  Classmates must guess what the second item in the bag is by naming objects that rhyme.

Stringing Words (Irene Bootsma)
Place pipe cleaners and letter beads in a center with a list of student names or sight words.  Students string the beads on the pipe cleaner and then read the words.

Field Trip Book for Families
Visit your local grocery store, fire department, police station, Canada Post, etc.
Ask parents to attend, but if they can’t because of jobs take a camera and take lots of photos.  Print the pictures when you get back to the classroom and put them in a book.  Children who can write pick out a picture and write about what was happening in the picture.  Those who can’t write dictate to the teacher.  Let the leader of the day take home the book overnight to share with their families so they feel included.

Ring the Chimes (Irene Bootsma)
Ring chimes, a rain stick, or another quiet instrument to focus children’s attention.  When they hear it, they walk to the learning circle.  You don’t need to give instructions because students will automatically go to the carpet.

Mac-Tac Center (Irene Bootsma)
Place the white board on a metal filing cabinet.  (Available at dollar stores.) Students can write on it or use magnetic letters on it.  They can also make patterns with magnetic shapes.

My Teacher’s Name (Dana Kacer)
Sing this song to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus.”
My teacher’s name is ___, ___, ___.
My teacher’s name is ____
At Name of school school.
My principal’s name is…
My custodian’s name is…
My receptionist’s name is…

Star Word of the Day  (Yvonne Grootenboer)
When the children come in the classroom after recess have them read the password that is written on a paper star by the doorframe. After they read it they can press the “THAT WAS EASY” button from Staples.

Earth Day Song (Jann Curtis)
Tune:  “Mickey Mouse”
(Make headbands with two mouse ears.  The mouse ears are 2 small earths.)
L-O-V-E  T-H-E  E-A-R-T-H
Love the Earth.
We speak from the heart.
Love the Earth.
Please do your part.
We must protect our land and see and air.
Let’s all care!
Now it’s time to love the Earth for future families.
It’s time to preserve,
Time to conserve.

Every Day Is a Special Day  (Rebecca Malo)
Choose a special thing each day of the week to help students learn the sequence of days.
Mystery Monday – Students ask questions about what’s in the mystery box.
Tai Chi Tuesday – Do 10-20 minutes of Tai Chi.
Wonder Wednesday – Go to to learn something new.
Use Your Thumbs Thursday – Set up a special craft station where children use their thumbs.
Film Friday – Watch a short movie to extend something they have learned during the week.