Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Use your finger like a magic wand as you wave it and say, "Abracadabra!."  Explain that when you say a word, they must become the word.   When you say, "Freeze!" they need to stand still until you wave your wand and say another word.  For example, "Abracadabra!  You're frogs!"

Call out different animals for children to imitate.
Frog – Jump up and down.
Bird – Flap arms.
Mouse – Tip toe.
Horse – Gallop in place.
Monkey – Scratch under arms and bounce up and down.
Giraffe – Stretch arms high in the air and walk on toes.
Elephant – Arms together and swing like a trunk as you bend over.
Flamingo – Stand on one foot and balance.
Snake – Wiggle up and down.

Hint!  Glue pictures to cards and hold them up for the younger children.  Write words on flash cards for the older students.

Use holiday or seasonal symbols to stimulate children’s brains and imaginations.

Scarecrow – Children flop arms around.
Bat – Flap arms.
Cat – Arch back and meow.
Pumpkin – Arms around head.
Spider, witch, Frankenstein, etc.

Reinforce vocabulary words by having children dramatize their meaning.

Seed – Bend down.
Roots – Stick out legs.
Stem – Stand up straight.
Leaves – Stretch out arms.
Flower – Arms around head as you smile.

Call out adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and verbs for children to dramatize.

Anxious, Brave, Curious
Slowly, Quickly, Angrily
Fire Fighter, Nurse, Chef
Chatter, Build, Sleep, Exercise
 *Creativity can really blossom with this activity because there's no right or wrong way to do it.