Thursday, January 24, 2013


“Dance with the stars” in your room and activate the brain at the same time.  All you need is some good music and a little enthusiasm. 
Hint!  Model these moves and then invite children to join in. 
*Children can do these standing up or sitting in their chairs.

Disco Dance – Put right index finger in the air and point to the left.  Bring right index finger down by your side.  Place left index finger in the air and point to the right.  Then bring down by your side.

Swim - Pretend to swim by stroking arms.  Can you backstroke?  Sidestroke?

Funky Monkey - Fists out in front and move them up and down to the beat.

Hitchhike - Right thumb up and move across your body.  Left thumb and move across the body.

Twist - Elbows by waist and rotate upper body.

Chicken - Hands in armpits and flap like wings.

Pony – Pretend to hold reins as you bounce up and down.

Batman – Make “v” with index and middle fingers and swoop them across your eyes.

Salsa - Left arm bent with index finger up in the air.  Right arm bent with finger in air.

Bollywood – Right palm up in the air like you’re screwing in a light bulb.  Left palm down like you’re turning on a water spicket.

This has to be one of my all time favorite brain breaks!

Hand Jive – Put on a Broadway tune, country music, rock and roll, and…
Slap thighs four times
Clap hands four times
Shuffle right palm over left palm four times
Shuffle left palm over right palm four times
Thump right fist on left fist four times
Thump left fist on right fist four times
Reach up and pretend to grab something in the air with your right hand.
Put it in your left palm.
Smash it with your right hand.
Open your left palm and pretend to blow it in the wind.

*Ask students what they picked in the air and shared with their friends.