Monday, January 28, 2013


First, everyone will need a buddy.  “Elbow partners” where children stick out their elbow and the person’s elbow they touch is a quick way to do this.  You could also quickly number your students 1-12 and then 1-12 (depending on the number in your class).  Ones get together, twos, threes, and so forth.

Patty Cake - Have children play hand clap games, such as “Miss Mary Mack” or “Say, Say My Playmate.”  (You can find lots of these online.) Children face a partner and clap their hands together. Next, clap right hand to partner’s right hand.   Clap hands together and then clap left hand to partner’s left hand.  Continue the pattern.
He learned to tie his shoe.
*Patty cake and count to 10, 20, 50, 100 or more!
*Skip count by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s etc. as you patty cake.
*Patty cake spelling words or word wall words
*Say nursery rhymes or other poems as you patty cake with a partner.
*Say ABC’s saying letter and making then making the sound.

Ride that Pony (“Is Everybody Happy?” CD)
Ride, ride, ride that pony,                    (Face partner and begin clapping
Get up and ride that big, black pony.      to the beat.  Bounce up and down 
Ride, ride, ride that pony.                      as if riding on a pony.)
This is what they told me.
Front, front, front, my baby.               (Clap hands up in the air with partner.)
Side, to side, to side, my baby.            (Gently bump hips on the side.)
Back, back, back, my baby,                  (Turn around and bump back sides.)
This is what they told me.                  (Find a new partner.)

Spider Challenge – Children sing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” as they make the motions on a partner’s back.  Next, have children stand next to their partner and extend their inside arms around their partner’s waist.  Each child will use her outside arm to sing the song and cooperate with their partner.

Back to Back – Children touch backs with a partner.  The children continue to touch various body parts as the teacher calls them out.  End with, “Bottoms to chairs.”

Head, Shoulders – Slowly sing the song as children face their partner and gently touch their partner’s body parts.  (You might need to demonstrate the meaning of “gently”!)
*Just for fun have partners put their backs to each other and touch body parts.