Friday, January 25, 2013


By acting out various sports your students can oxygenate their brains and cross the midline.  I’m sure your class can add to this list.  (Send me an email with their suggestions and I’ll post it on my blog.)
*Model how to do each sport and then “practice” for a minute or two.  Once students know the movements you can play a game where you name different sports and they have to switch motions.

Baseball – Pick up the ball and throw it.  Bat the ball.

Football – Feet apart and run quickly in place with arms out in front of you.

Soccer – Kick across your body with your right foot and then kick across with your left foot.

Tennis – Shuffle in place and pretend to hit the ball with your right hand.  Shuffle and pretend to hit the ball with your left hand.

Golf – Golfer’s stance.  Swing and hit.  Turn in the opposite direction and swing and hit.

Basketball – Dribble, dribble, shoot!  (Jump up on toes.)

Karate – Feet spread apart with knees bent.  Pretend to chop with your right hand and then chop with your left hand.

Skiing – Knees together and bend to the left as you swing your arms.  Knees to the right as you swing your arms.

Ice Skating – Alternate arms in front as you pretend to glide on different legs.