Saturday, January 19, 2013


I received the kindest note from a teacher that attended one of my workshops recently.  This is why I do what I do!

Your workshop brought the fun back. The science and logic behind the
singing and moving is meaningful. Today was the students' first day back
and I used the cheers, brain breaks, and attention-getting strategies you
taught. I also started the day out with your music and dances. I had them
do snip-snap books and write a story about what they got for Christmas. I
had them count by tens doing patty cake. I used just a fraction of the
things you taught me, and my class behaved completely differently than they
ever have. The kids had so much fun, and even my most challenging students
were under control and enjoying themselves. It was amazingly calm, fun, and

Thank you so much for being an authority that advocates singing, poetry,
and fun in the classroom. Most of the workshops I attend focus so much on
what the kids have to learn, and they criticize the "old" way of doing
things. What you teach and support is real and important, and it shouldn't
ever go away. Thank you so much for sharing that. I feel incredibly lucky
that I was able to experience your workshop my first year of teaching. It
has changed my outlook and attitude about kindergarten, and helped my
classroom management tremendously. My day was fantastic, and I enjoyed my students more than I ever have been able to. They got to see me have fun, and I was thrilled to bond with them in that way.

I feel incredibly lucky that I get to make a little difference in the lives of teachers and children!

Last weekend I attended the “Tea by the Sea” which raises money for scholarships at the College of Charleston.  This year there was a panel of four authors and it was fascinating to hear their stories about how they became writers.  I was particularly touched by one author who said that he was terrible student.  One high school teacher told him that he was a “good writer.”  He said nobody had ever told him he was good at anything and it was like being touched by a magic wand.  After 27 rejections, he finally had his first novel published and he was on his way to fulfilling the teacher’s comment.  You just never know!  You never know how that one kind word or glimpse of talent or a little encouragement can change a student’s life!