Thursday, January 31, 2013


Just a few more brain breaks that you can add to your bag of tricks!

White Hanky – Throw a white hanky or tissue in the air.  Children get to jump around and act crazy until it hits the ground.  Then they must freeze.

Turn on Your Brain - Help children focus and get ready to learn by turning on their brains each morning:
Turn on the right side of your brain.  (Pretend to turn on right side.)
Turn on the left side.  (Pretend to turn on left side.)
Turn on your right eye.  Turn on your left eye.
Turn on your right ear.  Turn on your left ear.
You don’t need to turn on your mouth because it’s always “on.”
Now you’re ready to learn!

Jump!  Have children stand.  Tell them to jump as long as they can.  When they get tired they can sit back in their seats. 
*You can also say traditional jump rope rhymes as students jump.
Marching - Children can get an amazing amount of exercise simply by standing and marching in place.  Put on a marching band and here you go!
*Power march by swinging arms up and down as you lift your knees high.
*March slow and then march fast.
*March in a circle and then turn around and march in the opposite direction.
*March like a toy soldier with stiff arms and legs.
*Lift opposite sides of your body as you march.  For example, left knee and right arm in the air.  Lift right knee as you extend your left arm in the air.
*March high and then march down low.  March on tippy toes.
*Make big circles with your arms as you march.

Shake Down – Shake right hand five times as you count.  Shake left hand 5 times.  Right foot 5 times.  Left foot 5 times.  Then shake each limb 4 times…3 times…2 times…1 time.  End by saying, “Oh, yeah!”

Toe Writing - Cross right leg over left and write the letters of the alphabet with your right foot.  Then cross your left foot over your right and write the letters backwards!

Calisthenics - Get oxygen going to the brain by doing jumping jacks, windmills, squats, waist bends, scissor kicks, and other exercises.

Wave - To do the WAVE, ask children to look at you.  Explain that when you point to them, they stand up, wave their arms in the air, and then sit down.

Going Crazy – (“Better Bodies and Brains” CD)
Begin by crossing your right leg over your left knee.  Place your right elbow on your knee and prop your chin in that palm.  Sing the song below to the tune of “Reuben, Reuben, I’ve Been Thinking.”
I am slowly going crazy. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – switch.
(On the word “switch,” switch positions by crossing your left leg on your 
right knee and placing your left elbow on your knee.)
Crazy going slowly am I.  6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – switch.
*Continue singing the song faster as you change positions every time you sing the word “switch.”

Games - Play “Simon Says,” “Copy Cat,” or group games.