Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Today you’ll find are some simple props your students can use for brain breaks.  I’d make one each week and use it every day for a different movement.

Streamers  - Staple strips of tissue paper (18” x 1”) to a straw and invite children to follow along as you make cross lateral movements to music.
*Make rainbows across your head with your right hand and then your left hand. 
*Make big circles in front of your body with your right hand and then your left hand.
*Make “lazy” eights (8 on it’s side) with your right hand and then your left hand.
*Clasp hands and make rainbows, circles, and lazy eights.
Hint!  Children can also use surveying tape of 3’ sections of toilet paper as streatmers.

Paper Ball Juggling - Begin by having children wad up a piece of scrap paper.  
*Can they toss it and catch it? 
*Can they play catch with a friend? 
*Can they toss it, clap, and then catch it? 
*How many times can they toss it without dropping it? 
*Can they toss it from the right hand to the left and vice versa.
*Add a second paper ball and let the fun begin!
Hint!  You can make inexpensive juggling scarves by cutting net fabric into 12” squares.

Paper Plates – Give each child two paper plates. 
*Can they clap them to the beat, make rainbows, use them like cymbals, or make other movements?
*Place the plates on the floor and put a foot on each plate.  Now you’re ready to skate by sliding your feet.

Drum Sticks -  Who doesn’t want to be a drummer?  Children can use cardboard rollers from paper towel rolls, popsicle sticks, or pencils like drumsticks to tap the beat of the music. 
*Make pattern cards for children to follow along.  Vertical lines mean tap the sticks on the table or floor.  “X” means to cross sticks and tap.  __ means to hold sticks up and pause.