Tuesday, January 22, 2013


My husband and I will be on vacation the next week, but I’ve created some special ideas for you each day while I’m gone!

“Neurobics” is a term that refers to brain exercises or activities that can improve students’ learning. Although you can’t get inside your students’ heads and shake up their brains, these activities can help make your students’ brains more alert.  You can use these brain breaks to start your day, between lessons, or whenever your students appear bored or restless. These ideas can also be adapted for those winter days when you can’t get outside.

Introduce one activity at a time and observe how your class responds.  Write those they like on a poster or put them on index cards and store them in a “brain break” can.  Encourage students to choose their favorites and lead the class.

These are some great websites where you can find additional activities:                            ncpe4me.com/energizers


Draw a line vertically down the middle of your body.  That’s called the midline.  Every time you cross over that line, you are helping connect the hemispheres in the brain.  Let students put a piece of painter’s tape or masking tape on their midline to increase their awareness when you do these activities.  Put on some lively music and practice these movements for about 30 seconds each.  (My Raggedy Ann doll that I made over 50 years ago agreed to be my model for the masking tape midline!)

Simple Tap - Touch right hand to left knee and left hand to right knee.

Bend and Stretch - Lift left knee and touch with right elbow.  Lift right knee and touch with left elbow.

Backwards Touch - Lift left foot behind you and stretch back with right hand and touch.  Reverse for the right foot and left hand.

Windmills – Stretch out feet.  Touch right hand to left foot.  Stand.  Touch left hand to right foot.

Here are stars, pats, and hugs that students can do in their chairs or while sitting on the rug to make those brain connections.

Catch a Star –Reach with right hand up in the air to your left and pretend to catch a star.  Then reach with your left hand up in the air to your right and catch a star.

Pat on the Back – Alternate patting the back of your left shoulder with your right hand and your right shoulder with your left hand.

Nose and Ears – Touch right ear with left hand and place right hand on your nose.  Touch left ear with right hand and place left hand on your nose.

Brain Hug
Thumbs up.  Thumbs down.  Cross your arms.  Clasp your fingers.        
Bring your hands under and into your chest.   Give yourself a hug.
I was ready to help the Falcons play football Sunday with my vintage leather helmet.  Our son's dogs (Blossom, Hattie, and Lily) were decked out in their Falcon's jerseys.  The great thing about sports is there's always next year!!!