Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Lucky you!  I cleaned out my files last week and found some “treasures” from long ago.  I’m so grateful I can blog these ideas - otherwise they might disappear!  These are so old they are BC (before computers).   I had to retype them from a paper handout 20 years old.  All you have to do is copy them, glue them to an index card, and stick them in your pocket.
Here’s one I had completely forgotten about.  My kids used to love to sing it and fake laugh.

Ha!  Ha!  He!  He!  (Tune:  “Pretty Little Dutch Girl”)
I smile because I’m happy,         (Smile.)
As happy as can be.
I smile because I like myself.          (Point to self.)
I smile because I’m me!

I laugh because I’m happy,
As happy as can be.  (Ha!  Ha!)
I laugh because I like myself.
I laugh because I’m me!  (Ha!  Ha!)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.         (Hold stomach and fake laugh.)
He he he he he he.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
He he he he he he.

*Pass a hand mirror around the class and encourage each child to say something she likes about herself.

Here are some other simple tunes for washing hands, cleaning up, and lining up.

Handy Game  (Tune:  “Row Your Boat”)
Wash, wash, wash your hands.
Play the handy game.
Scrub and rub and rub and scrub.
Germs go down the drain.

Can You?  (Tune:  “Skip to My Lou”)
I can clean quietly, how about you?
I can clean quietly, how about you?
I can clean quietly, how about you?
How about you, my darlin?
*Change the words to “push in my chair,” “pick up trash,” etc.

Line Up Rhymes
(These are good rhymes to transition children, as well as to reinforce birthdays, phone numbers, and addresses.)
Apples, pears, peaches, plums,
Tell me when your birthday comes.

Candy, candy, ice cream cone.
Tell me the number of your telephone.

Rabbit, dog, cat, mouse,
Tell me the number on your house.

Clippy Clop Name Song  (This is great to start morning meeting.)
(Alternate patting right and left palms on thighs to get the beat.)
Clippity, clop, clippity clop,
On our way to (child’s name) stop.
Hi (child’s name).           (Wave)
Bye (child’s name.)         (Wave)
Clippity, clop, clippity clop…
Continue singing each child’s name.