Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Would you like to pick some peppers or put the fire out?  Try leading the class in one of these movements today between your small groups.

Picking Peppers – Stand with feet stretched.  Bend to the left and pretend to pull something beyond your left foot with your right hand.  Stand.  Bend to the right and pretend to pull something with your left hand.
*Pick apples or oranges by stretching up in the air from left to right.

Put the Fire Out – Pretend to get a pail and scoop up water on the floor by your right foot.  Throw that pail of water over your left shoulder.  After ten times in this direction scoop water from the left and throw it over your right shoulder.

Shopping – Pretend to steer a grocery cart and then reach to the left with your right hand and take something off the shelf and put it in your cart.  Reach with the left hand to the right and put something in the cart.

Chop Wood - Hands together as if holding an ax.  Place hands on your right shoulder and then cross over your body to your left foot as you pretend to chop wood.  Place hands on the left shoulder and then chop to the right foot.

Car Wash - Extend arms loosely to your sides and then move your body back and forth as you swing your arms around.

Climbing – Act like you are climbing a ladder as you reach up with your right hand and lift your left knee.  Reach with your left hand and lift your right knee.

More?  Challenge your students to come up with other movements that require crossing the midline.  One at a time they can play follow the leader as classmates mimic their actions.