Thursday, January 10, 2013


Monday was my first workshop of 2013 in Kingsland, GA.  Not only does Kingsland have one of the best football programs in the state of Georgia, Kingsland (Camden County) also has some of the greatest teachers!!  You’ll love their ideas.

Criss Cross  (Amanda Rector)
Criss cross, applesauce.  (Children sit cross legged.)
Spoon in the bowl.  (Children put their hands in their lap because
                            it’s like a bowl and they eat applesauce with a spoon.)

Horsing around with Sight Words (Christy Cobb)
Children turn their chair around so they can “ride their horses.”  They rock in the chair gently back and forth as they read each word.  They get to say, “Yeehaw!” at the end of the row.  “IF” the horse bucks them off (that happens when they tip their chair too far), their horse has to go back to the corral and they have to sit on the floor.

Disney World Grand Finale
This cheer is the same as the firecracker except you clap more in the air and then “sparkle” down.

Jello Bags  (Diane Daniel)
Fill ziplock bags with jello or pudding.  The students use these as their “white board.”  When finished, they can gobble up!

Chocolate Pudding Finger Painting  (Diane Daniel)
Finger paint with chocolate pudding on waxed paper.  Children can also practice writing, spelling words, etc.  When they are finished they can lick their fingers ‘til they drop!

Good Job Cheer 
You know you did a good job.  (Point to a child.)
So say you did a good job.
You know you did a good job.
So say you did a good job.
Good job!  (Clap hands.)
Good job!
Give yourself a pat on your back.  (Reach across body and pat back.)

Friendly Word (Bernita Payton)
Study sight words with a small group of students.  If a child misses a word, write the word on a piece of tape and have that child place the tape on their desk.  During the day, frequently ask the student to read their friendly word.  When the student is able to read their friendly word they are allowed to wave bye-bye to the word and toss it in the trash.

I’m off to Raleigh and Charlotte to do workshops, but I’ve got some blogs coming your way while I’m gone.