Friday, January 18, 2013


I was going through some old blogs and ideas that teachers had shared and I just couldn’t resist posting them again.  I can’t take credit for these activities, but they are absolutely brilliant because they meet my 3 standards:  cheap, easy, and meaningful!

This is what I’m talking about for Core Standards!

Main Idea (Elizabeth Burriss, TN)
Switch book covers on several books.  Have children look at the cover and guess who the main character will be, the main idea, etc.  Read the book.   The class will realize that the story does not match the cover.  After reading the story have the children illustrate a cover for the book and select a title.  Compare their pictures to the real book cover.  What an adorable birthday song!

Birthday Do Dah (Mary Lehman, Indiana)
(Tune:  “Camptown Racers”)
Our friend name is age years old
Do dah, do dah.  (Wave scarf up and down on “do dah.”)
Our friend name is age years old
Oh, do dah day.
Let’s all shout “hooray!”
It’s a special day.
Our friend name is age years old
Oh, do dah day.
*Take scarves, streamers, or just wave your hand as you “do dah” the person’s age.

Snap, Clap, Slap
You can use this idea for saying the alphabet or for spelling word wall words or vocabulary words. 
SNAP your fingers “upstairs” in the air for letters that start at the top dotted line.
CLAP your hands in front of you for letters that are “downstairs” and start at the middle dotted line.
SLAP your thighs for “basement” letters with a tail that go below the line.

WH Brothers
Do you know those snoopy guys?  They always ask questions.
WHO wants to know the person or thing.
WHERE wants to know the place.
WHEN wants to know the time.
WHAT wants to know what’s happening.
WHY wants to know the reason.

Here’s a little song I just made up to “Ten Little Indians.”
Who, What, Where, When, Why?
Who, What, Where, When, Why?
Who, What, Where, When, Why?
Those are five snoopy guys!