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Monday, July 9, 2018


Use one of these cross-lateral activities to connect both sides of the brain and to help children center themselves.

Brain Hug
(Children repeat each line and mimic the motions.)
Thumbs up. (Extend arms and stick up thumbs.)
Thumbs down. (Thumbs down.)
Cross your arms. (Cross right fist over left.)
Clasp your fingers. (Clasp fingers.)
Give yourself a brain hug. (Bring clasped fingers down and up as you hug your chest.)

You’re the Best!

(Children repeat after the teacher. You could change the words to “I’m the best!” or “We’re the best!”)
Thumbs up. (Stick out right thumb.)
Across the chest. (Bring across to the left shoulder.)
Pat on the back. (Pat self on the back.)
Cause you’re the best! (Wrap arms around self and hug.)

What Are You?
(Adapted from “The Help.”)
Teacher asks: What are you?
Children respond: I am kind. (Touch the heart.)
I am smart. (Touch the head.)
I am important. (Give self a hug.)

My Teacher Feel about Me?
Teacher says: How does my teacher feel about me?”
Children respond: I’m as special as special can be (Sparkle fingers.)
because my teacher believes in me! (Hug self.)