Saturday, July 7, 2018


Try simple hand movements and sign language to engage learners.

Secret Signals
Explain that your class will have some secret signals that no one else knows.
1. When you say “one”, they should sit criss-cross applesauce.
2. When you say “two,” they need to put their hands in their lap.
3. On “three,” they put a smile on their face.
*Make up additional secret numbers, such as “four” stand up straight and “five” hands by sides

Magic Clap
Explain to the children that you have a magic clap to teach them. Every time you clap your hands, you want them to repeat the clap and look at you. Practice clapping various patterns until all the children have joined in.

Peace and Quiet
Make the “peace” sign with one hand as you put the index finger from the other hand on your mouth.

Five Minute Warning
Children need time to bring closure to their work and prepare for the next activity.  Choose one child each day to have a job called the "five minute person."  When there are about 5 minutes left at lunch, on the playground, or doing independent work ask the five minute person to walk around, hold up five fingers, and warn, "Five more minutes!  Five more minutes!"

Sign Language
Sign language is multi-sensory and challenging for children. (They love to learn things that their parents and siblings don’t know!) Introduce one of these signs each day for various classroom directions.

     Pay Attention - palms pointing towards face
     Stand Up - 2 fingers standing on palm and then point up
     Line Up - 4 fingers extended on each hand
     Sit Down - 2 fingers sitting and then point down
     Wait - hands to side and wiggle fingers
     Stop - chop hand on palm
     Please - palm open on chest and circle around
     Thank you - fingers on chin and then down to palm
     Look, Listen, Learn - make “L” and place by eyes, ears, and brain

*Note! Look at,, or another website with sign language videos.