Sunday, July 8, 2018


Call backs are similar to the game “Marco Polo.” The teacher says one thing and the children respond. Call backs work like a charm to focus children’s attention.

Teacher says: Hands on top.
Children respond: Everybody stop! (Put hands on head and freeze.)
Teacher says: Macaroni and cheese.
Children respond: Freeze please! (Freeze and look at the teacher.)
Teacher says: Ready?
Children respond: Spaghetti! (Stand up straight.)

Teacher: Marco
Children: Polo
Teacher: Okeedookee
Children: Artichokee

Teacher: Peanut butter
Children: Jelly
Teacher says: All set? (Snap fingers twice.)
Children respond: You bet! (Snap fingers twice.)

*If they are not ready they respond “not yet.” Keep saying “All set?” until the entire class is responding “You bet!”

Teacher: Da da da da da...
Children: I'm loving it! (MacDonald's advertisement)

Teacher says: How do you feel?
Children respond: We feel good! Yeah! (Stick up thumbs.)
*Let the children make up their own call backs.