Thursday, July 19, 2018


Grab children’s attention and wake up their brains by changing their “state of mind”! You can use these strategies for choral reading, counting, reading word wall words, reading independently, doing flash cards, saying poems, etc.

Sit Like a Boss
Children cross arms, lean back, and put feet up on their desk.

Cowboy and Cowgirl
Children turn chair around and straddle it as if riding a horse.

Turn chairs around and face the back of the room.

Lounge Chair
Turn chairs upside down and use a backpack like a pillow to lean back on.
Change Seats
Children exchange seats with a classmate.

Tummy Time
Lay on the floor and read, write, and work.

Silly Me!
Teacher puts on a hat, silly nose, glasses, etc.
Turn on twinkle lights or a special lamp.

Aroma Therapy
Put a little peppermint oil or other fragrance on a cotton ball to wake up the brain!