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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


By focusing on their breath children will become “centered” and “mindful.”

Breath through Your Nose
Tell children to gently put their lips together. Can they breath in and out their nose as they give their mouths a rest?
Give Your Mouth a Vacation
Challenge children to “give their mouths a vacation” and practice breathing through their noses.

Smile Break
When children are wound up, help calm them with a smile break. Tell them to look at the clock and smile for 30 seconds. (Use the timer on your phone or have them look at the clock until the big hand is on the 6.) 

Deep Breathing
Inhale slowly as you count to 8. Exhale slowly as you count backwards from 8 to 1.

*Breath in hot chocolate (count of 8).
Breath out and blow the candles out on a birthday cake (count of 8).

Magic Bubble
Demonstrate how to make a magic bubble (circle with both hands by touching fingertips). Tell the children to hold up their bubbles and blow out and in…slowly out and in.

Cloud Ride
Ask children to close their eyes and get on a cloud. Breath slowly in and out as the cloud takes them on an imaginary ride.

*This is pleasant to do as children lay on their backs. Play some quiet music to help them relax.