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Sunday, July 22, 2018


Singing songs slower and softer will naturally calm children down. This is a sweet song that ends in a whisper.  Sometimes we have to remember that the only place some children might hear "I love you" is at school!

Tony Chestnut
Toe (Point to toes.)
Knee (Point to knee.)
Chest (Point to chest.) 
Nut (Point to head.)
Nose (Point to nose.)
Eye (Point to eyes.)
Love (Cross arms over chest.)
You (Point to a friend.)
Toe Knee Nose (Continue to point to body parts.)
Toe Knee Nose
Toe Knee Chest Nut 
Nose Eye Love You
That’s what Toe Knee Nose.

Continue singing softer each time.


Little Cabin in the Woods
This song goes back to my days as a camper. Each time as you repeat the song leave out a line and click the syllables with your tongue. When you do it the last time the children will be quiet and focused.

Little cabin in the woods, (Make a square shape in front of you.)
Little man by the window stood. (Circles around eyes.)
Saw a rabbit hopping by (Index finger and middle finger up like ears.)
Knocking at my door. (Pretend to knock.)
“Help, me! Help me! Help me!” he cried. (Hands up in the air.)
“For I’m lost and it’s cold outside.” (Pretend to shiver.)
Little rabbit come inside, (Make motion with hand.)
Safely you’ll abide. (Pretend to pet the hand that is the bunny.)

Note! I changed the words "Help me he said, for the hunter will shoot me dead" - not appropriate for little kids!

Lip Sinc
Lip sinc familiar songs and finger plays. The children will look at you strangely and then join in.

Whisper Wednesday
Make a sign that says “Whisper Wednesday” and tape it to your door. As children enter the classroom remind them that everyone gets to play a new game called “Whisper Wednesday. Let’s see if we can remember to “whisper” all day long!"  By turning down the volume in the classroom children will be able to focus better.