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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Give me a cheer! Why? They are a positive way to activate the brain and put a smile on children's faces. I can have a gym full of kids and I can quickly get their attention with a cheer. The great thing about these cheers is that every child gets one - you don't have to be smart or wear cool clothes. These are some of the ones that work best for me:

Bubblegum Cheer
Pretend to open a piece of bubblegum and put it in your mouth. Start chewing as you wiggle your head from side to side. Place your palms by your mouth and extend as you slowly blow…one, two, three, four, POP!

Hold your palms together in front of you as if praying. Make a sizzling sound (ssssss) as you wiggle your palms up in the air like a firecracker going off. Clap them above your head, and then wiggle your fingers around and down like sparkles from a firecracker. Finish by making an “Ahhhh!” sound like the crowd watching a firecracker go off.

Pretend to make a hamburger by patting your palms together. Stick out your right hand as if placing a hamburger on a skillet. Make a sizzling sound and say, “Is it done yet?” Turn your hand over and say, “Not yet.” Repeat twice. After the third “Is it done?” give a thumbs up and say, “Well done!”

Roller Coaster
Start by pretending to go up the roller coaster with your hands in front as you make the “ch, ch, ch” sound. Pause at the top and then make three imaginary hills with your hands going up and down as you say, “Whooooo!” Finish by wiggling your hands in the air.

Three Cheers
Give me cheer number one! (Children yell and cheer in a regular voice.)
Give me cheer number two! (Children cheer a little softer.)
Give me cheer number three! (Children wave their arms and do the silent cheer with their mouth wide open but not making a sound.)

This is where you can download the cheer cards. Introduce one each day and then put it in the box. When you need a cheer, just pull one out.

I've got several videos where I demonstrate the cheers.