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Monday, July 23, 2018


Finger plays develop oral language, auditory memory, comprehension, small motor skills, and they are a natural way to engage children.  Here are a few of my favorites I use to "gather" children.

These are grandma’s glasses. (Make circles around eyes.)
This is grandma’s hat. (Cup hands and place on head.)
And this is the way
She folds her hands. (Fold hands and put
And puts them in her lap. in them in your lap.)
Say with a deep voice:
These are grandpa’s glasses. (Make circles around eyes.)
This is grandpa’s hat. (Pretend to put on a hat.)
And this is the way
He folds his arms (Cross arms and fold.)
Just like that!

The finger band is (Start with your hands behind your back
Coming to town, and wiggle them as you slowly bring
Coming to town, them in front.)
Coming to town.
The finger band is
Coming to town
So early in the morning.
This is the way (Pretend to play drums.)
They play their drums…Twirl their hats… play their horns…etc.

Here is a turtle. (Make fist.)
He lives in a shell.
He likes his home
Very well.
When he gets hungry (Stick out thumb and wiggle.)
He comes out to eat.
Then he goes back into (Tuck thumb back in fist.)
His house to sleep.

I’ve got ten little fingers, (Hold up both hands.)
And ten little toes, (Point to feet.)
Two little eyes, (Point to eyes.)
And a mouth and a nose. (Point mouth and then nose.)
Put them all together, (Circle arms as if hugging.)
And what have you got? (Hands on hips.)
You’ve got me, baby, (Put thumbs in chest.)
And that’s a lot! (Wiggle hips.)

Ten little friends (Hold up fingers.)
Went out to play (Wiggle.)
On a very bright
And sunny day.
And they took a little walk.
Walk, walk, walk. (Walk fingers in front of your body.)
And they had a little talk.
Talk, talk, talk. (Put fingertips together.)
They climbed a great big hill (Move fingers over your head.)
And stood on the top very still. (Keep hands still.)
Then they all tumbled down (Roll hands around and down.)
And fell to the ground.
We’re so tired, (Hold up fingers.)
They all said.
So they all went home
And went to bed.
10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 –
5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1. (Put down fingers one at a time.)
Good night! (Lay head on hands.)

(Say “King Kong” in a loud voice and “teeny tiny monkey” in a squeaky voice.)
KING KONG (Flex arms.)
Was just a teeny
Tiny monkey (Hold up pinky.)
Compared to my love for you.(Cross arms over chest and then extend.)
KING KONG (Flex arms.)
Was just a teeny
Tiny monkey (Hold up pinky.)
Compared to my love for you. (Cross arms over chest and then extend.)
I love you day (Make circle with arms.)
And night. (Lay head on hands.)
My love is out of sight. (Hands in air.)
KING KONG (Flex arms.)
Was just a teeny
Tiny monkey (Hold up pinky.)
Compared to my love for you!(Softly say this line as you point to children.)

Two little black birds
Sitting on a hill (Make fists and stick up thumbs.)
One name Jack (Wiggle right thumb.)
and one named Jill. (Wiggle left thumb.)
Fly away Jack. (Wiggle right thumb behind back.)
Fly away Jill. (Wiggle left thumb behind back.)
Come back Jack. (Bring back right thumb.)
Come back Jill. (Bring back left thumb.)

Hint! Take one finger play each week and putting it on an index card. (You could also write it on a language experience chart or use it on an interactive white board for choral reading.) At the end of the week punch a hole in the rhyme and attach it to a book ring. If you’ll do this every week, in a few months you’ll have a whole RING OF RHYMES.

Here's a link so you can download the finger plays and make your own RING OF RHYMES:

Here is a link so you can watch me demonstrate some of these finger plays.