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Thursday, July 12, 2018


Begin a simple game and you’ll be amazed at how children will want to join and play along.  Just think about how good these are for self regulation!

Teacher Says
Begin a game similar to Simon Says:
(Teacher's name) says clap three times.
(Teacher's name)  says put your hands in the air.(Teacher's name)  says touch your ears.(Teacher's name)  blink your eyes, etc.
As children join in the game lower your voice as you say:
(Teacher's name) says put your hands in your lap and...
listen to me…line up at the door…get out your math books, etc.

The Quiet Game
One child is selected to be “it.” “It” stands in front of the room and says, “Mousie, mousie, how quiet can you be? When I clap my hands 1, 2, 3 (slowly clap 3 times), we shall see!” “It” chooses the classmate who is being the quietest and then that child comes to the front of the room and is the new “it.” (My class LOVED this game. It was a great way to develop self-regulation while waiting in the hall or during other transitions.)
Tighten up your body as tight as you can and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Then relax and let it all go. Repeat several times.

*Starting with the toes, call out one body part at a time for children to squeeze and then relax. For example, toes, feet, knees, legs, hips, back, fingers, arms, shoulders, necks, faces, and then a whole body SQUEEZE!

Rag Dolls and Soldiers 
When the teacher calls out “rag dolls” everyone flops over like a rag doll. When the teacher says, “soldiers,” everyone stands up tall and stiff. Continue calling out “rag dolls” and “soldiers” faster and faster.

Toy Toss

Use a small stuffed animal for this game. Say, “I’m looking for a quiet friend.” Throw the toy to a child who is sitting quietly. That child looks for a quiet friend and tosses the toy. Children continue passing the toy to friends.

If You Can Hear My Voice
In a normal voice say:
If you can hear my voice, clap your hands one time.
In a softer voice say:
If you can hear my voice, clap your hands two times.
In a whisper voice say:
If you can hear my voice, please look at me.
Continue lowering your voice until children are focused on you.

*Attach a picture of an ear to a craft stick.  When you want the children to listen hold up the ear.