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Saturday, July 14, 2018


Children and lines are not a “perfect fit,” but these songs and movements will engage them in a positive direction.

Line Up Song 
(Tune: “Gilligan’s Island Theme Song”)
I’m looking straight ahead of me
My arms are at my sides.
My feet are quiet as can be
I’m ready for outside.

Line Up Song
(Tune: “Hi Ho, Hi Ho”)
Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to (lunch, play, home, etc.) we go.
With our heads held high and arms by our sides
And our belly buttons all in a row.

Hips and Lips
Children place one hand on their hip and one finger on their lips.
*Butterfly wings – Children put hands behind their back and flap elbows.
*Bubbles and duck tails – Puff cheeks and make a tail with hands.
*Bears and cave – One hand is the bear and insert it in the other hand behind your back.

Teacher says: Standing straight?
Children respond: Check!
Teacher says: Hands to self?
Children respond: Check!
Teacher says: Mouth closed?
Children respond: Check!
Teacher says: Ready for the hall?
Children respond: Check!
Locket Pocket
To line up the teacher says: Locket. (Pretend to lock lips.)
Children respond: Pocket. (Pretend to put the key in their pocket.)