Saturday, June 15, 2019


Calendar chats can be a springboard for many math concepts, such as counting, addition, more, less, measurement, shapes, etc. Each month mark the calendar with days that have a special meaning for the children, such as birthdays, field trips, vacation days, etc.

How Many?
Count how many boys. How many girls? How many altogether? Which is more? Which is less?  How many ones and how many tens?

Think of equations that equal the date.

Vote on books, games, songs, and other favorites. Tally results and discuss more, less, and equal.

Before and After
How many days until the field trip?
What was yesterday? What is tomorrow?

Make a pattern as you color in the days on the calendar.
Make patterns with the children by having them stand, sit, or do motions.
Clap hands and slap thighs in patterns for the children to extend.

You will need a pointer for this activity. Insert different shapes in this song to the tune of “Do You Know the Muffin Man?”

Do you see a circle, circle, circle?
Do you see a circlesomewhere in the room?
Pass the pointer to a child who touches that shape and responds:
Yes, I spy a circle, circle, circle. Yes I spy a circlein the room.

*You can involve the whole group by letting them all get up and touch the shape mentioned in the song.

Compare the number of children who were tie shoes and Velcro, who have pockets or no pockets, who walked to school or rode to school, etc.

Days of the Week (Tune: “The Addams Family” – Sing in sign language.)
Days of the week. Days of the week. (Snap fingers.)
Days of the week. Days of the week.
Days of the week.
There’s Sunday (Open palm and circle out.)
And there’s Monday, (Make an “m” and circle.)
There’s Tuesday (Make a “t” and circle.)
And there’s Wednesday, (Make a “w” and circle.)
There’s Thursday (Make an “h” and circle.)
And there’s Friday, (Make an “f” and circle.)
And then there’s Saturday. (Make an “s” and circle.


*Point to the days on a calendar as you sing.

Macarena Months (Dance the Macarena as you sing.)
January, (Left arm out with palm down.)
February, (Right arm out with palm down.)
March, (Turn left palm up.)
April, (Turn right palm up.)
May, (Right hand on left shoulder.)
June, (Left hand on right shoulder.)
July, (Right hand on back of head.)
August, (Left hand on back of head.)
September, (Right hand on left front hip.)
October, (Left hand on right front hip.)
November, (Right hand on back right hip.)
December, (Left hand on back left hip.)
Then you turn around. (Turn around.)