Friday, June 14, 2019


Every day can be a holiday with these celebrations!

New Shoes (Tune: "This Old Man")
When children wear a new pair of shoes to school, have them stand
and dance as you sing this song to the tune of “This Old Man.”

Here’s one foot. (Child sticks out one foot.)
Here are two. (Child sticks out other foot.)
Each is wearing a brand, new shoe,
So stand up, turn around,
Dance around the floor.(Child dances in a circle.)
That’s what these two feet are for. (Point to feet.)

Welcome Back (Tune: "The Bear Went over the Mountain")
If a child has been absent, insert their name in this song when they return to school to let them know you missed them.

Welcome back child’s name.
Welcome back child’s name.
Welcome back child’s name.
We’re glad you’re here today.

Loose Tooth
Celebrate when a child loses a tooth by using their name I this tune of “Turkey in the Straw.”
Oh, look in child’s name mouth
And what do you see?
A great, big hole where a tooth used to be.
Well, they wiggled it and jiggled it until it wiggled free.
Now, there’s a window when they smile at me.

Happy Haircut (Tune: "Happy Birthday to You")
Only sing this song if the children like their haircut. We've all had haircuts where we wanted to hide in a sack!

Happy haircut to you.
Happy haircut to you.
You're sure lookin' good!
Happy haircut to you.


Birthday Song
Today is the birthday of somebody who
Is happy and smiling and right in our room.
Now look all around you and tell me just who…
Is happy and smiling, my goodness, it’s you! (Point to the birthday child.)

Today is child’s name birthday.
Let’s make them a cake. (Pretend to hold a bowl
Stir and mix and mix and stir, and stir.)
Then into the oven to bake. (Put cake in the oven.)
Here’s our cake so nice and round. (Make a circle with arms.)
We’ll frost it with icing white. (Pretend to put on frosting.)
We’ll put _____ candles on it (Hold up age with fingers.)
To make their birthday bright!

*Here’s a video where I demonstrate the song and chant:


Birthday Cake (Non-edible!)
How about a cake that is sugar free, gluten free, and lactose free? You can make a “human birthday cake” by having all the children in the room hold hands and make a circle. Let the birthday child get in the middle and choose friends (the number for how old they are) to be the candles on the cake. The candle/friends stand around the birthday child and put their arms over their heads like a flame. When the birthday child “blows” them out, they melt to the ground.

Birthday Book
Give each child a sheet of paper and ask them to draw a picture of a gift they’d like to give to the birthday friend. The birthday child gets a big sheet of construction paper to decorate like the cover of the book. Each classmate presents her picture to the birthday child as they say, “Happy birthday (child’s name). Here is (what they’ve drawn) just for you.” Staple their pictures in the construction paper to make a special book.