Thursday, June 13, 2019


Each morning before the children arrive, write a note to them with a little hint about what they will be doing. (You can write on a white board, but if you use a large chart you’ll be able to review past experiences.)

It’s especially fun to have a class mascot (puppet or stuffed animal) write the message each day. Your morning message might look like this:

     Dear Friends,

     Today is date. It’s Terrific Tuesday and I’m so glad to see
     you! We have a new book about beavers. We also
     have music with Mr. Peterson in the afternoon. I can’t
     wait to get this great day started!

                   Pokey the Pony

Daily Schedule
Children will feel more confident when you review the schedule each day. For younger children, use picture clues by the different activities. Hang up on a clothesline and then flip over as you go through the day.

*Put magnetic tape on the front and then flip them over as you complete each activity.


Classroom Helpers
As you discuss the schedule, remind children of their assigned jobs for the day. Giving titles of real careers will add meaning to their duties.

     Supervisor – Calls the roll.
     Police Officer – Makes sure everyone walks slowly in the hall.
     Mail Carrier – Passes out papers.
     Librarian – Cleans the classroom library.
     Gardener – Waters the plants.
     Meteorologist – Gives the morning weather report.
     Accountant – Does the lunch count.
     UPS – Takes reports to the office.
     Maintenance – Picks up the classroom.