Sunday, June 9, 2019


Draw a line vertically down the middle of your body. That’s called the midline. Every time you cross over that line, you are activating both sides of the brain and building bridges between the hemispheres in the brain. It’s a great way to start your day.

Hint! Put a piece of painter's tape down the middle of the children's bodies so they can see how they cross their midline.

Brain Hug
(Use this cross-lateral activity to connect both sides of the brain.)
Thumbs up. (Extend arms and stick up thumbs.)
Thumbs down. (Thumbs down.)
Cross your arms. (Cross right fist over left.)
Clasp your fingers. (Clasp fingers.)
Give yourself a brain hug. (Bring clasped fingers down and up as you hug your chest.)


You’re the Best!
(Children can do this together to start your day. You could change the words to “I’m the best!” or “You’re the best!”)
Thumbs up. (Stick out right thumb.)
Across the chest. (Bring across to the left shoulder.)
Pat on the back. (Pat self on the back.)
Cause you’re the best! (Wrap arms around self and hug.)


Turn on Your Brain
Start your day by having the children turn on their brains.
Turn on the left side of your brain. (Make a twisting motion on left.)
Turn on the right side of your brain. (Make a twisting motion on right.)
Turn on your left eye. (Pretend to twist left eye.)
Turn on your right eye. (Pretend to twist right eye.)
Turn on your left ear. (Pretend to twist left ear.)
Turn on your right ear. (Pretend to twist right ear.)
You don’t have to turn on your mouth because it stays on all the time.
Now you are ready to learn!!!

Brain Sprinkles
Put a few spoonfuls of rice in a Pringle’s can and glue on the lid. Cover the can with sparkly paper. When it’s something important for the children to learn explain that you will put brain sprinkles on them. (Shake the can over their heads!)