Thursday, June 27, 2019


A fidget toy can be a quiet outlet and satisfy children’s “need to move.” Some children just need something to “fiddle with” at circle time.  Keep fidget toys simple so they meet the need as an outlet, but don’t distract the child completely.

Set Limits! You may hold the fidget toy in your hands. If you bother someone else with it you will have to put it up.

Brain Toys
Get a shoebox and write “brain toys” on it. Take old socks, tie them in knots, and place them in the box. As needed, invite children to get a brain toy. They can hold it, unknot it, knot it, squeeze it, and so forth.

Tie one end of a 20” piece of string to a craft stick. Put a piece of tape on it to secure it. Children can wind up the string and then unwind it.

Stress Button
Glue a 1” piece of Velcro to a poker chip with strong glue (E6000). Children can keep it in their pocket and rub it when their hands are wiggly.


Twisty and Bendy
Give children a pipe cleaner to twist and manipulate.

Play Dough
Give children a small ball of play dough to squeeze.

Squishy Ball
Fill a balloon with flour or cornstarch. Squeeze out the excess air and knot the end so the children can squish it like a stress ball.

What Else?
Hair bands, binder clips, pompoms, clothespins, and other small items can be used to keep little hands busy.

Talk to Your Hands
Tell the children when their hands don’t want to keep still to “have a little talk with them.” Explain to your hands that they need to be still so you can listen and learn.