Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Some children need to “center” themselves before participating in circle time. You can do  this with some breathing exercises or a song. 

Five Finger Breathing
Children stretch out one hand like a star. They take the pointer finger of the other hand and trace the outside of the thumb as they inhale. They exhale as they trace the inside of the thumb. Inhale as they go up the index finger. Exhale as they go down the index finger.  Continue inhaling and exhaling until all the fingers have been touched. 

*Reverse and do the same thing using the opposite hand and finger.

Magic Bubble
Demonstrate how to make a bubble by touching fingertips together. Inhale slowly as you count to 8. Exhale slowly as you count backwards from 8 to 1. 


*Breath in hot chocolate. Breath out and blow the candles out on a birthday cake.

Twiddle Your Thumbs
Demonstrate how to fold your hands and twiddle (rotate thumbs around each other) your thumbs.

*Unfold your hands and put the opposite thumb on top and twiddle.

Morning Stretch
This video does simple yoga moves as children slowly breath in and out.


Balancing Act
Balancing is a simple, yet powerful way to help children calm their bodies and engage their brains. Balancing is quiet and requires no special equipment.